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Writer, artist and curious person.

(Anything That Suggests Otherwise Is Libel, Ok?)

“I only have the best of intentions”

As the PR Rep for Jeff Bezos, I’m here to say that Bezos is indeed, officially stepping down as Amazon CEO, not out of fear of the FTC but to focus on his philanthropy. He is already quite familiar with the philanthropic world, providing his Amazon employees with close ties to food stamps and access to Medicaid during his time as CEO. He plans to keep expanding this illustrious and important work.

We are excited to announce the launch of a program dedicated to saving endangered species! Jeff is a big animal lover…

My *Emotional* Journey Through The Netflix Series

Over the last year, I’ve experienced a sort of deadening of my emotions, as have many others, I’m sure. Nothing drastic, no depression, just a general feeling of numbness brought on by so many drastic changes and era-defining moments. Almost like I’m pulling a comforting little blanket of nihilism over my head, so that I’m protected from the instability of the world. And so, in my movie and TV watching, I’ve felt less connected to characters and situations which normally would have had a bigger effect on me. I’ve been less emotionally open…

Don’t let the travel restrictions hold you down — virtually explore the world with these films.

As coronavirus cases continue to increase in the US, many countries aren’t allowing American tourists to visit. So let’s go to the next best thing: the warm encompassing embrace of screen, and travel to different countries through movies!

I’ve compiled a list of movies (dramas, musicals, comedies, documentaries, etc…) that take place around the world so that you can safely “travel” from home. They are set in different countries and show off the country’s natural landscapes, culture or picturesque cities. …

Hear me out. It’s easy to write off Keanu as a silly comedy about a kitten, especially in comparison to Get Out, when the latter is one of the most impactful and intelligent movies about race and the Black experience that ever existed. But with Keanu, Jordan Peele — along with long-time collaborator Keegan Michael-Key — paved the way for his fanbase to be ready to see him as someone who has a valuable voice in the dialogue about racial makeup, and the identity woes that come with it. He also gave us hints early on about his predilection for…

July is national Ice Cream Month!

In honor of this *deeply important* holiday, here’s a list compiling memorable scenes from movies which involve eating ice cream.

For scoring, instead of the usual stars, I will use this appropriate symbol:(🍦) to rate the use of ice cream in a scene.

If you can think of any more movies, please add them in the comments!

Forrest Gump (1994)

“The only good thing about being wounded in the buttocks… is the ice cream”

Although very short, the ice cream scene in Forrest Gump does a good job of characterization. In a humorous way, we immediately…

“It just made sense to have Marvin’s voice in the movie as another character” — Director Spike Lee.

Spike Lee inserts his trademark style in Da 5 Bloods. A slideshow of images, monologues straight to camera, the double dolly shot, educating the audience on overlooked African-American history and referencing old Hollywood movies (The Treasure of Sierra Madre “I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!” and famed movie actress Hedy Lamarr). This film empowers Black voices while also humanizing the enemy, which in this case is the Việt Cộng. The enemy becomes a political construct and the soldiers from both sides realize they’re all the same in the end; both experiencing fear, emotions, engaging in relationships and…

For those who aren’t aware of what the holiday represents, here is a brief history of Juneteenth.

This year, spend the holiday with Earn and Van in FX’s Atlanta!

While Juneteenth is being weaponized in the current political climate, let’s look back at its irreverent and honest depiction in the brilliant show Atlanta.

Though technically a comedy, Donald Glover’s brainchild oscillates between comedy, drama, horror and surrealism with subtlety and ease. With more of a focus on tone, the non-linear structure makes way for absurd and compelling television. There’s room for stand-alone episodes like “Teddy Perkins” and “Woods”, which serve more as short films from the psychological horror genre and also “B.A.N.” which takes place inside a parody of BET.

This creativity and playfulness makes for a varied structure…

Since it’s Pride Month, I decided to look at a documentary that has been both influential and controversial in the LGBTQ+ community.

Paris is Burning is a documentary about the drag and ballroom culture in New York City in the late 1980s. Filming many ballroom performances and following the lives of these performers, director Jennie Livingston found success at the Sundance Film Festival and got picked up by Miramax.

While the answer is two sides of the same coin, both sides are worth talking about. One side is the introduction of drag-ball to a mainstream audience and helped make room…

Hollywood loves to jump on current events, especially those with big ramifications that are socio-political. There have been timely movies about pretty much every news-worthy incident since WWI. However, the stories about race or racial injustice are often eclipsed or buried under other tragic events. So, through the films they produce and finance, how will Hollywood react to the current status quo? It’d be interesting to discover their approach in the wake of the George Floyd protests (which are largely peaceful) and the call to action for anti-racism. There are two things to consider. …

With quick back and forth comedy, clever writing, and a talented cast, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has earned its spot as one of the most side-splitting half-hour comedy TV shows of the last ten years. But most people don’t think of it when they picture a good reference for diversity in network sitcoms. After all, it’s a workplace comedy about goofy cops where Andy Samberg plays the lead. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the rare, high-profile comedy shows that demonstrate how diversity makes for better TV and storytelling.

So how does Brooklyn Nine-Nine do diversity right?

The Characters are Not Defined by their Race or Sexuality

Each member of the squad…

Mick Cohen-Carroll

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